Voo Sports Club

Introducing Voo Sports Club in collaboration with Nike Berlin.
Voo Sports Club

We at VOO have a history of introducing a thoughtful selection of fashion in-store and digitally to bring it closer to our community. That we are passionate about culture is something you might have also already guessed. But having fun as a team and doing sports in unexpected ways is equally as important to us.

Because of that, we are happy to announce that we are launching VOO SPORTS CLUB to promote well-being within our community and create a better balance between looking good and feeling good at the same time. In partnership with our friends at Nike Berlin, we will be ticking off a bucket list of all the sports activities we have always wanted to go after, inspired by school camps we attended, movies that we watched, books that we have read and our childhood dreams.

The first milestone has already come to life, when we took inspiration from the upcoming ISPA Road Warrior, headed down to the tracks of Berlin-Kart for our first, evening of go-kart racing.

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