UdK Berlin x Voo Store The Second Collaboration

UdK Berlin x Voo Store The Second Collaboration

The Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and Voo Store proudly present their second collaboration and mentorship project, where fashion design students combine creativity and sustainability. The project, thoughtfully curated by the students, offers an engaging window into the fashion design process at UdK.

Twelve distinct designs, born from an intensive four-day inter-year project, are currently on display at Voo Space. In anticipation of this partnership, a contest was organised within the university and the winning participants were then showcased at Voo Store and had the opportunity to sell their creations.

Thibaud Guyonnet, who is Voo Store’s Creative Director and Head of Buying, took great care in selecting the students who are featured in the exhibition and whose work is on sale at Voo.

These creations revolve around the theme of upcycled clothing and fabrics, representing the rich diversity of talent within UdK. While the use of existing garments and fabrics unites these designs, each one stands apart in its unique concept and approach to sustainable fashion. Each hoodie is a unique reflection of the individual student who made it. The textiles have been treated in various ways, including dyeing, printing, weaving, distressing, waxing, knitting and painting before being expertly cut and (re)sewn into the shape of the hoodie. The resulting range of designs spans a spectrum from extravagant to minimalist, from vibrant and colourful to monochrome and from experimental to highly functional.

Discover the designs & the additional booklet created by the students exclusively in-store and online.