PUMA Mostro OG Captivating Colour-Ways

At the beginning of this year, we introduced the comeback of the PUMA Mostro OG Sneaker, a homage to their iconic silhouette from 1999. For the new season, there are two captivating colour-ways: “Pink Delight” and “Ignite Blue.”
PUMA Mostro OG Captivating Colour-Ways

Inspired by the Italian word for monster, these shoes blend elements from two distinct eras—the sleek yet sturdy sprinting spikes of the ‘60s and the relaxed style of surfing shoes from the ‘80s. Their bold, futuristic appearance grabs attention, enhanced by features such as a mesh upper, metallic silver Puma Formstrip overlay, elastic strap closure, and the iconic dimpled rubber sole.


To complement the PUMA Mostro OG drop, a week-long installation and special drinks (Sumac Lemonade and Iced Butterfly Peas Flower Tea latte) will be available exclusively at VooStore’s main space. Designed by Berlin-based artist and architectural collective John Leo Gillen (Temporary Pleasure), the installation highlights the shoe’s vibrant colours and textures, capturing both its historical and contemporary significance, as well as its materiality, palette, and references to subcultures.

It draws inspiration from Japanese Zen philosophy, featuring a neon sand garden with two islands - one pink and one blue - each with sunken beds of coloured sand. The unique textures and patterns of the shoe are mirrored in the sand designs, incorporating elements like linear and studded motifs.

The PUMA Mostro OG will be available exclusively in our Berlin store this Saturday, 23rd of March. The remaining pairs can be ordered online on Sunday, 24th of March.